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 Custom Hollow Metal Frames- Our onsite facility manufactures virtually all size and jamb depth frame combination including Borrowed Light, Side Light, Transom as well as Knockdown and Fully-Welded frames 

Customization of stock material including: 

  •  Preps for electronic hardware 

  •  Light Kits 

  •  Louvers 

  •  Continuous hinges 

  •  Welding of knockdown frames 


Onsite stock of: 

  •  Hollow Metal Knockdown (KD) Frames 

  •  Metal Doors-Polystyrene core standard 

  •  Door Hardware-full line of locksets, deadbolts, strikes, exit devices, and closers 


Full line of doors available for order: 

  • Metal Doors:

    • Honeycomb, fiberboard and urethane cores 

    • Cold Rolled Steel A40 and A60 Gavannealed and G90 Galvanized steel 

    • Mechanically interlocking pan and lid design 

    • 7-gauge hinge reinforcements with an extra-long, high frequency top hinge 

    • Closer reinforcement standard. 

    • Inverted top channel standard (available in flush top). 

    • Up to 3 hour fire rating available 

    • Built to meet and exceed ADA, ANSI, ASTM, and SDI Standards. 

  • Wood Doors:  
    • Non-rated and fire ratings up to 90-minute 
    • LEED® contributing 

    • UV cured factory finish options for a flawless finish 

    • Bullet resistant 

    • Lead-lined 

    • Fixed or removable edge 


  • Specialty Doors-Fiberglass, stainless and acoustical 


If you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact our sales team for assistance.