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PMP... Total door solutions.


We've got you covered. Product, Installation, Expertise.

  • In business since 1957, PMP is your trusted local distributor providing commercial opening solutions.

  • We partner with over 100 industry leading manufacturers to provide an extensive offering of doors, frames, hardware, locks, access control and key systems.

  • We provide an Account Manager dedicated to your business.

  • Our staff includes AHCs and industry experts who are available for door and hardware consultation on site, over the phone, or at our offices.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory means prompt delivery of immediate needs   We stock it so you don’t have to.

  • We provide full service to your site as early as same day 

  • We partner with you to provide consistent, superior customer service

Our comprehensive range of value added services includes:

  • Maintenance and repairs on existing openings 

  • Design Consultation

  • Restricted Keyway Maintenance

  • Door, Fire and Safety Surveys 

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)

  • Product Installation

  • Key and Bitting Schedules

  • Complete Solutions. Superior Customer Service. 

  • Call to discuss how we can be a valued partner today!

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